The story of Noah Nine begins in Japan in 1994 where Sean Dillon and Richard Dolmat met as contracted street musicians at a theme park north of Tokyo. They soon discovered they had a chemistry that would serve them well in developing their lucrative musical careers. Honing their repertoire to include mostly popular Beatles numbers, the pair fine tuned their harmonies as well as their stage presence, and soon found themselves writing and recording original music in their spare time.

They released their original recording "When You Move" which garnered club chart topping success in Japan and followed up with a five city tour.

After their contract expired, the pair eventually relocated to Vancouver where they built Stellar Earth Music Studios in 1997. Feeling the need to expand the duo, they convinced Sean's longtime friend Dave Danylchuk to move to Vancouver to join Noah Nine. Dave had spent a few years in Winnipeg working as a street musician as well as performing in a couple of original projects. It soon became clear that Dave's background would be ideal in helping the duo make the transition to three piece.

The group immediately went to work in their home studio, spending immeasurable hours perfecting their song writing and recording skills. Along the way, early versions of their songs got into the hands of Randy Bachman (the Guess Who, B.T.O.), who was so excited by what he heard that he instantly contacted the band. What followed was six months of correspondence between Noah Nine and Randy Bachman, during which time Randy would often play the Noah Nine material for his many contacts around the world and would share the feedback with the band. Ultimately, Noah Nine decided that the timing was not right and felt that they still had a lot of work to do on their own before becoming involved with other parties. The band remains grateful to Randy for coming forward and helping the group realize the value of their work.

It was roughly around this time that Noah Nine also became involved in the soundtrack industry. They were contracted to record the underscore for an independent film called "Tail Lights Fade". The movie featured Jake Busey, and Bond Girl Denise Richards and was released to theaters in late 1999 through Cadence Entertainment.

Early in 1999, Noah Nine was fortunate to gain the attention of world renown producer Bruce Fairbairn. Bruce had recognized the talents of Sean and Richard after catching their duo show at Granville Island. Bruce opened a line of communication which Noah Nine were very interested in keeping open. After hearing some material, Noah Nine was invited to his Armoury Studio in Vancouver to re-mix their single "Whatever It Takes". The band worked with Fairbairn's assistant, Paul Silveira, who was instrumental in helping move the track into the realm of hit radio quality. The sessions also served in sharpening the band's production skills and opened up a valuable contact in Bruce Fairbairn. Sadly, Bruce passed away not long after the initial sessions before any more recording could take place. The band vowed to complete the record on their own, equipped with the knowledge they earned in the company of professionals.

Now armed with a killer set of stellar tunes, the band was ready to begin rehearsals for their live show. After fleshing out the project with the support of a rhythm section, Noah Nine spent the summer polishing their live act to live up to the recorded material, and in October 1999 they played their first show at Studebakers in Burnaby B.C.. As word of the great new sounds began to get out amongst the musical community, Noah Nine would be called upon to play more shows, including headlining the infamous Railway Club in Vancouver, packing the Roxy Cabaret for their CD release party, and playing a showcase at the Purple Onion during New Music West 2000, in Vancouver in May.

Now with the recent release of their album "Prehistoric Astronaut", the band is sounding hotter than ever and working night and day to build the momentum in anticipation of things to come. Recent reviews of the CD have been glowing and positive. Noah Nine is currently shopping for distribution and publishing deals, and video and touring plans are definitely on the horizon as the band gets ready to take their stellar brand of pop rock to the four corners and beyond.


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