"Almost like a Beatles 'Revolver' for the new millenium, this disc is a collection of immaculately produced odd and fascinating pieces. Right from the opening track, "Eyes Light Up", you're hooked into a compelling groove, clever vocal interplay and lush keyboard textures. With titles like "Stellar Cafe" and "Prehistoric Astronaut", you get a sense that the group believes in alien colonization and that whole trip. There is a definite otherworldly feeling when you put this disc on, complete with creepy guitar lines and eerie vocal layers. After listening to it, you almost feel disappointed coming back to earth."

-Alphonse Leong (Exclaim! Magazine)


"Hey big time record execs - SIGN THESE GUYS!! Several great great songs loaded with hooks, melody, variety, and spectacular harmonies. Beautifully produced as well...this is much better overall than most indie projects, very mature. I still say SIGN THESE GUYS!"

-Trace Ventura (CFOX 99.3fm)


"This chameleon-like band slips into Brit-pop personas as adeptly as Peter Sellers used to take on multiple roles. The tremolo-heavy, spacy opener, "Eyes Light Up" recalls Talk Talk: "Whatever It Takes" blends the Beatles and the Stone Roses. And see if you can guess by the title what moussed-up synth band "To Have And To Receive" recalls.

The songs are strong, the melodies memorable, (particularly "Eyes Light Up", the trancy closer "Liquid Mantra" and the killer chorus of "Jellyfish") and the musical guises more entertaining than annoying. Plus, the production is top-notch. Apparently co-founders Richard Dolmat and Sean Dillon have been collaborating since 1993, and their experience as producers (the two have entered and won remix competitions) shows on every pristine, multilayered, begging-for-headphones cut. The disc is so crisp and clear, in fact, it sounds like it might have been bankrolled by Sony. It wasn't, of course, but with so much going for NOAH NINE the next one should be."

-Shawn Conner (The Georgia Straight)


"You did a great job on the CD. Best self-produced thing I've heard in a long while. "

-Scott Mathews (Producer: Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Van Morrison)


"With sweeping vistas of keyboards and easy pop vocals, Vancouver's NOAH NINE has Britpop band written all over it. The indie band has a single on its hands with Eyes Light Up, a light and breezy pop tune that could easily slide in among the orchestrated pop sounds of Manic Street Preachers, Travis and Ocean Colour Scene. Singer/guitarist Sean Dillon, singer/keyboardist Richard Dolmat and guitarist Dave Danylchuk write decent pop hooks among the processed keyboards, echoey child-sweet harmonies and sticky textured sounds."

-Kerry Gold (The Vancouver Sun)


"I really like the music you are creating. You have great voices, grooves, sounds, formats and presentation."

-Randy Bachman (BTO, The Guess Who)


  • It's been a LONG TIME since my husband has actually had to ask me to turn down the stereo!! The CD is fabulous, guys.

  • You are the best band in the world. You have great songs. I've never seen somebody sing live before (since I'm only 7). I loved hearing you at Virgin Records. Bye for now!

  • Hey Rich, Sean, Dave. You guys were great! Very much enjoyed your performance at Virgin Sunday afternoon. Will definitely request your song on CFOX. Keep up the great work.

  • "Whatever It Takes" is a really great song!!! I downloaded it at I'm now going to listen to your other songs. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Great feel, great vocals, obviously took a ot of time putting it together and well worth it. If I had a label I'd sign these guys in a hearbeat

  • I like Noah Nine more than my boyfriend!!

-Online Comments

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